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Peanut Butter for Birds?

Posted by Luvs2Garden | December 31, 2012 12:46am | Viewed 1699 times | 1 replies | Last replied by dextermom34 on February 06, 2013 9:31pm

I read that it's good to give birds peanut butter in the winter.  Has anyone tried this?   How do you do it and how did it work?  Did they really like it?


February 06, 2013 9:31pm

I buy this woopdpecker suet at Home DePot that has the peanut butter in it and they love,love it! I have 5 differant woodpecker's that come to gooble it up.I have 7 suet feeders on my hangers :)You have to buy the suet cages which is really cheap.You can nail them to a tree or hang them from your feeders.It might take a while before they come.So I would start out with one and see what attacks it.If you see more then one.Get another one.I love them more then my bird feeders

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