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wedding flowers in antique bottle

Posted by Myla | April 26, 2010 1:13pm | Viewed 771 times | 2 replies | Last replied by supper on April 27, 2010 01:08am

I'm planning my wedding and I'm thinking of ways to make it a unique event. Can anyone give me an input regarding wedding flowers on antique bottles? Does it seem like a good idea? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!


April 27, 2010 12:52am

Long-stemmed flowers in antique bottles is a simple arrangement that can be dramatic and effective. You can also try flower blooms on water, or flowers flowing from a horn of plenty, or flowers in water picks tucked into green plants or inserted into pew bows, or flowers woven into leis that intertwine down table centers. For the bridal bouquet, flowers can be cut and gathered into tightly shaped nosegays or the long stems can simply be secured with flowing ribbons.


April 27, 2010 01:08am

You can try planting in your garden the flowers you want for your wedding.

See article: Using Garden Flowers for a Wedding


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