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How to Have Your Own Butterfly Garden

Posted by MariaBBB | Added on : March 03, 2010 1:11pm | Last edited: yesterday | Viewed 2933 times | 0 Comments | This article is also in butterflies and butterflies


Staying in a garden is very relaxing and calming. The sight of beautiful flowers and wonderful trees always brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Seeing a butterfly hover around adds to the appeal of a garden. A butterfly flying from flower to flower adds more life to a garden. Would you like your garden to have frequent butterfly visitors? Then turn your garden or a portion of your garden into your very own butterfly garden.


First, learn the type of butterflies that live in your region. Do a research on these type of butterflies. You should plan your garden based on these butterflies’ needs and preferences.


Secondly, choose the location of your garden. The area should be somewhere where there’s a lot of sunshine but where there’s protection from the wind. Butterflies are weak fliers so they need a place where they don’t have to fight against the wind all the time. If the whole yard is windy, you should plant some shrubs in the direction where the wind comes from to provide some protection for the butterflies.   


Thirdly, select the plants for your garden. You should make sure that the plants that you choose will attract the butterflies in your area. Do ensure to have different kinds of plants so that you will have blooms all year round. The plants in your garden should include those that can become food for the caterpillars and those that can provide nectar for the butterflies.


Fourthly, create a plan of your butterfly garden. You should take into consideration the needs of the plants for natural elements like light and water. Also, you should take note of the possible size of the plants once they are fully grown.


Fifthly, gather the plants that you’ll use for the butterfly garden. You can use some of your existing plants from other parts of the garden, or you can buy new plants, or you can also buy seeds, whichever you prefer.


Finally, create your butterfly garden. You should prepare the soil for planting. Do place flat rocks in different areas of the garden. The butterflies will need the rocks to land on when they rest their wings. There should also be small mud puddles in your garden; this will attract butterflies because butterflies like to sit on the edge of such puddles. To do this you can fill a shallow container (like a dish) with sand, then add sufficient amount of water just to keep the sand moist. (To attract more butterflies, add manure and salt to your puddle, if you do this make sure to use plastic liner because salt is harmful to plants.) You can relocate your existing plants from other areas of the garden or you can plant new ones. New plants should be kept watered until either the seeds have germinated or the plants are already well-established.


Now enjoy your new butterfly garden! Take photographs to capture the moments and to better document how your butterfly garden flourish through time.



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