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Your First Organic Garden

Posted by Jane | Added on : September 29, 2008 10:58am | Last edited: October 28, 2009 11:57am | Viewed 1588 times | 0 Comments


Organic gardening is the in thing these days. While it is fashionable to be doing organic gardening, very few people actually take the plunge. Here are a few tips on how to start your first organic garden.

Organic gardening just means not using chemicals. You use organic compost instead of chemical fertilizers and organic methods to get rid of bugs instead of using chemical pesticides. Vegetables grown using the organic method are definitely safer because they haven't been exposed to any chemicals.

Once you decide that you want to grow plants organically, the next thing to do is to pick your vegetables. Choose those vegetables which your family likes and also those that can be grown in your garden, depending on your location.

Choose an area in your garden where there is enough sunlight. Most vegetables need a bit of sunlight and will not grow well in shade. Choose some place where you will get around 6 hours of sunlight everyday.

Before sowing the seeds, add some organic compost to the dirt soil in your garden. Till your garden so that the compost mixes well with the soil. The main challenge in organic gardening is keeping the bugs away. Instead of using pesticides, you can use soap water or just plain water so that the bugs will fall off the plants. You can plant insect repelling plants like marigold along with your vegetables. They will help in keeping the bugs away.

Vegetables grown organically may not look the best of their kind, but they are definitely  healthier.



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