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How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Garden

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Squirrels can be a large nuisance in any garden because they often like to store food there, trample over your plants, or eat your flowers and plants. They can also be very stubborn and difficult to remove, as once they have made a home in your garden it is often a permanent one. Luckily, there are many methods that will help gardeners remove these pesky squirrels from their garden. It is possible for gardeners to get rid of squirrels in the garden to keep plants and vegetables healthy and free from squirrel nibbles.

Squirrels are rodents and mammals, and they enjoy taking up residence anywhere where food is plentiful. A garden makes a perfect home for squirrels because the food is easy to find and store, and life is convenient for them. Unfortunately, this is not always convenient for those trying to grow fruits, vegetables, or flowers. There are several ways to keep squirrels from destroying the garden.


Use squirrel traps to humanely trap them. One of the most effective ways of getting rid of squirrels in your garden is to trap them and release them elsewhere, however this can be very difficult. Often, other animals such as stray cats or rabbits may be attracted to the trap. In addition, handling trapped animals can be dangerous and risky to the transporter.

Traps are a good option because they're reliable and humane. They provide a sure method for getting rid of difficult squirrels that don't respond to prevention or sprays. Typically, you will want to drive the squirrel quite a distance away and release them to a better habitat such as a forest or lake area. You can purchase traps at most home and garden stores.


There are quite a number of professional squirrel removing products. These products will aid in scaring away squirrels without too much trouble. These products will vary in success, but can be a great starting point to dealing with a squirrel issue in your garden. Warning: make sure to keep pets and children away from areas where pesticides and repellents have been sprayed.

Organic squirrel repellents are made from all-natural materials. These repellents are generally made out of chili powder, as squirrels always avoid chili powder. These sprays can be purchased at home and garden stores. It is best to follow the instructions on the spray, as each will have different doses and frequency and safety recommendations.

Some squirrel repellents actually include urine from squirrel predators like foxes and wolves. The squirrels will instinctively avoid any place with this scent, so these can be very effective.


The best way to stop a squirrel problem from occurring in your garden is to prevent squirrels from wanting to be there. This can be done by keeping it clean and guarded, and making it not feel like a good habitat for them. Here are some helpful tips:

- Remove the husks from the outside of plants with bulbs to avoid attracting squirrels to them. These make great nests.

- Keep your garden clean. Clear up any nuts or berries that have fallen into your garden to encourage squirrels to say out.

- Set up a distraction. Somewhere nearby your garden (but not too close) set up a trough with corn or another squirrel food. This will attract them to the trough instead of your garden.

- Place mothballs all around the outside perimeter of your garden. Squirrels do not like these and will not cross them.

- Put a fence around the garden.

- Motion detector sprinklers are available and can be a great deterrent.

- Put a plastic mesh over the plants after planting, these can be purchased at home and garden stores.

- Make sure no bird seed is nearby the garden, as squirrels love to eat it.




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