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Types of Roses

Posted by Jane | Added on : October 07, 2008 04:43am | Last edited: October 27, 2009 6:16pm | Viewed 2562 times | 0 Comments | This article is also in bushel basket and bushel basket


Roses are an essential part of any garden. They offer a great variety in colors and sizes. It is any gardener's dream to have beautiful blooms of roses in his/her garden. This article lists the different types of roses.

Shrub roses are ideal for novice gardeners. They do not require as much care as other kinds of roses. They are resistant to most of the rose diseases and do not require pruning. They have fuller blooms and have a faint fragrance. They are great as hedges.

Hybrid tea roses are what are seen at the florist shops. They grow to 3-6 inches and have a big flower at the end of a long stem. They come in all possible colors. The downside is they are not disease resistance and hence require a lot of caring. These roses can be used for bouquets.

Floribunda roses are the result of cross breeding of hybrid tea with Polyanthus. They grow upto 2-4 inches and have smaller flowers. Flowers can bloom in clusters too. These are easier to maintain.

Climbing roses grow like vines. They grow fast and have smaller flowers in clusters. These are a great choice to grow over garden arches or entrance doors. When they are in full bloom, they are a beautiful addition to the garden.  

Miniature roses have the fragrance and beauty of regular roses but are smaller in size. They are good for indoor planting.

These are some of the types of roses. Depending on your garden space and the amount of time you can invest in its maintenance, choose a type which suits you.



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