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Tips for your Poinsettia - by Whitney Roden

Posted by Whitneydroden | Added on : January 08, 2013 5:57pm | Last edited: January 08, 2013 6:12pm | Viewed 2369 times | 0 Comments


To keep a poinsettia in bloom you must water the soil when the surface of the soil becomes dry and discard the water in the saucer at the bottom of the pot. In order to prolong their color they need a temperature range from 70 degrees F in the day to 62 degrees F at night, preferably with high humidity. Always be sure to try and keep plant away from hot and cold drafts.


In order to get blooms for next year: Continue to follow the instructions listed above through winter. I like to use holidays as the days that I follow these next steps because it makes it easier to remember:


St. Patrick's Day when the bracts fade you will need to cut the stems back to 8 inches or so above the soil; while it is like this, remember to continue watering regularly. You will need to fertilize it lightly with an all-purpose balanced fertilizer every three to four weeks. When temperatures are warm, place the plant outside, first in indirect, then direct sunlight. Be sure to avoid temps below 50 degrees F.


Independence Day is a good time to cut off the new growth coming up from your plant. This would also be the perfect tome to re-pot if you wish to do so.


Labor Day...time to bring the plant inside for the winter season. Be sure it is still getting 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.


 Starting the first of October through mid-December put the plant in complete darkness for 14 hours a day giving it 10 hours of natural light a day. This will help with the budding and color!



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