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Why I Like Feeding Birds

Posted by MaryG | Added on : February 08, 2013 4:34pm | Last edited: February 08, 2013 4:36pm | Viewed 2719 times | 3 Comments


Why I Like Feeding Birds

I am a bird enthusiast and as such love to hear them sing and frolic to their heart’s content in my yard. I believe that offering food and water to them are acts of charity and something that gives me much inner satisfaction as well as spiritual joy. And I am not alone in this. Many people are joining in this noble past time due to the prevailing economic depression and resulting in the lack of jobs. In these hard times, none can afford hobbies that entail a lot of expenditure. However, feeding birds is fun for the whole family and it has the added attraction of being affordable too.
 Birding is already a highly popular hobby in our country, and it looks like it is getting to be more and more popular.Anyway, feeding the dear feathery creatures has ever been an enjoyable pastime
with lots of people who do not have much money to spend for expensive pursuits.  
This is the reason why whenever I take a stroll down our city park I find many city residents lounging on park benches, happily flinging bread crumbs to feed the numerous visiting birds that flock around them. As for me I choose to do it at home, from the privacy of my backyard and not just breadcrumbs alone either, but also foods that I prepare for them especially.
The beauty of this hobby is that I need not buy and special fancy equipment that costs the earth, travel to faraway exotic places and schedule my time around any specific event. Birds are mostly active at some activity or other almost at all times during the day, thereby providing you with a lot of time to enjoy feeding birds.
I began feeding birds to attract them to my yard from where
 I can see them in large numbers. As time passed I learned to attract specific birds by their choice food in feeders that I kept in my backyard. If you keep bird food in your yard, birds will discover them eventually and your backyard will soon become one big virtual aviary.

As my yard is full of trees and shrubs, some birds were clever enough to build their nests during breeding time to be as close to their source of ready food. Sometimes I even find that watching whole bird families are more enjoyable a pastime than seeing the latest action or romantic movie in a multiplex.   


I passed on the fine hobby of feeding birds to my kids and to the ones living in my neighborhood as there is no better way to connect them to nature and teach them to respect it than introducing them to the noble past time of feeding birds.



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February 23, 2013 07:47am 07:47

I like to watch birds and see how many different ones come to feeder. My parents always fed birds on our farm. Now where I live in senior housing we can not feed birds because it calls rats and mice. I miss watching them.


February 08, 2013 5:13pm 17:13

Thanks for sharing! I grew up with parents that loved to feed the birds and the tradition was passed on to me.

I find it so relaxing and rewarding!


February 08, 2013 5:11pm 17:11

Love your post!!My grandmother who passed away alway's had bird feeders in her garden and around the porch.She had 10 humming bird feeders hanging from the porch and I remember family sitting there dodging them and waiting to see who was going to get whacked in the head.lol I have become my grandmother :) I have 20 feeder's and I am getting so many cool woodpecker;s that I have never seen right in front of my window.I live in Md and I am 10 mins from the city.Everyone that comes to visit me is so surprised on how many beautiful birds and creatures I have to live so close to the city.I alway's have my camera next to the window to catch those beautiful critter's.I have my best friend getting into them now.It is addicting!


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