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Turning your Garden to a Bird-friendly Place

Posted by MariaBBB | Added on : March 03, 2010 1:12pm | Last edited: yesterday | Viewed 2465 times | 0 Comments | This article is also in birds and birds


Birds are always welcome visitors in a garden. The movement of the birds from one area to another and the wonderful chirping sound that they make gives vitality to a garden and enlivens the place. There are ways to make sure that a garden is a safe and secure haven for our bird friends.


Make sure that the water available for the birds are clean and sanitary all the time. If you have a fountain, a pond, or a birdbath, remember to change the water frequently and resupply water as necessary. The container should always be slime-free and clean to avoid any sickness. During winter time, always ensure that there is no ice in the water so that the water is always ready for the birdís use. There are a couple of ways you can do this, the simplest of which is to pour hot water in order to melt the ice. Never use any type of chemical because those could have negative side effects on the birds, or worse, it could even be poisonous.


If there are too many insects in you garden, use a bio-pesticide instead of harmful chemicals. The poison in ordinary pesticides will indeed kill the insects, but it will also harm the birds that eat the insects. Do a research to find safer alternatives that you can use to fight bugs.


Also, plant trees and shrubs that will provide food for the birds. Fruit-bearing plants are the best choice for this purpose. You can increase the supply of food for the birds in your garden by putting up a bird feeder or two. When choosing bird feeders, make sure that they are squirrel-proof, the squirrels might eat the bird food leaving little or none for your feathered friends. Always keep the bird feeders clean to avoid any disease from spreading. These bird feeders will be most appreciated by the birds during extreme weather conditions.


Putting up nest boxes will also be a big help to the birds especially during tough weather when they need a sanctuary the most. These nest boxes will also encourage the birds to nest in your garden.   


Whatever it is that you decide to do to your garden in order to make it bird-friendly, keep in mind the types of birds in your region and the types of birds that you want in your garden. Adjust your garden based on their needs and wants. Make sure that the water feature in your garden suits the particular types of birds that you want to see in your garden. Plants in your garden should be the food source for the kinds of bird that you prefer to have in your garden. Bird feeders should be positioned according to feeding habits of your choice of winged friends. Nest boxes should be located based on nesting habits of your preferred feathered visitors.   


The safer and more secure the birds feel in your garden, the greater the chance that they will come back. Have fun making your garden the best bird hangout in town!



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