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Tips on How to Attract Gold Finch

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Tips on How to Attract Gold Finch


Goldfinches abound in the U.S and the southern regions of Canada. The male bird puts on a lively yellow coat in summer making it a favorite at the feeders. In states like New Jersey, Iowa and Washington, the frolicsome bird enjoys the status of nothing less than a state bird. So by offering this handsome bird a welcome environment, you can make the goldfinch a regular guest at the feeder by feeding birds in your yard.


The first thing to attract finches is to provide ideal locations for the birds to build their nests, so that they are a familiar sight in your garden. The ideal place for building these nests are pine trees and thick shrubs which affords them a safer area to raise their nestlings. Growing plants like milkweed and thistles in your yard, ought to appeal to them. Also plant sunflowers, evening primrose, American elm, and dandelions as these plants provide them with their natural food.  


The next thing to do is to place thistle feeders for feeding birds like goldfinches in droves as thistle is a particular favorite of these birds. And when you are at it, choose the right kind of thistle seed for finches, generally labeled as niger or thistle seeds. However, do not feed them with the seeds of pink prickly thistles as goldfinches prefer the plant for nesting and not at all for food.


Have small openings made in these thistle feeders for feeding birds so that the loss of their feed is kept to a minimum. In order to offer variety, establishing general feeders supplied with  sunflower as also other seeds is also a good idea. The feeders should be kept full all the year round, as goldfinches feed during winter months also.


When engaged in feeding birds, keep the feeders extra clean in order to prevent the possible spreading of any disease or rendering the food tasteless owing to clumping or mold. The ground beneath the feeders also should be kept neat and clean to avoid the spreading of diseases that are particular to the birds. Here a word of warning is in order while feeding birds: A condition called house finch eye disease tends to decrease the population among American goldfinches. So keep a wary eye on the dear birds crowding around your feeders for the least sign of eye disease and report it to the agriculture extension agent in your locality, immediately..


Another word of warning: Help in the keeping off of predators, like squirrels and cats from stalking the feeders as well as birds. If necessary you can consult the humane society in your area if trapping cats become necessary.

 If you follow the above tips while feeding birds such as goldfinches, your yard will come alive with flitting colors and constant singing.



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