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Attracting Song Birds to your Garden

Posted by Jane | Added on : October 22, 2008 11:20am | Last edited: October 28, 2009 12:16am | Viewed 2883 times | 0 Comments


Gardening can be a fun and fulfilling activity. It not only gives you the pleasure of growing beautiful flowers around your house, but also increases the birds and butterfly population in your neighborhood. If some of these birds visiting your garden are song birds, then you can also enjoy their soothing, natural music. Why not make some extra effort in attracting these beautiful song birds?

Like any other living being, song birds need food and water to survive. Plant a variety of berries, seeds, fruits and nuts to attract diverse species of birds.

Apart from these plants, place bird feeders at prominent places.

Water is an essential requirement for any living being. If you have a garden pond, ensure it is filled with fresh water everyday.

If creating a pond is not an option, install bird baths in your garden.

If you have big trees in your garden, then it is an added advantage. These trees can be good places for nesting. Birds will make your garden their home. If you don't have trees, then plant some shrubs which grow thick and dense. These can act as nesting ground for small birds.

Dead trees in the garden can also be good nesting grounds for the song birds.

If you provide the basic requirements, song birds will begin to love your garden. You are then guaranteed an impromptu musical concert by these colorful and melodious birds.



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